We made a world from velvet

Işık Kadife, owning the largest and the most modern velvet manufacturing machineries and equipments in Turkey, has always preserved its leading position in upholstery velvet, chenille, brocade fabrics and carpet production since its establishment in 1994, in regards to the contribution of its innovative and selective investing policy.

Işık Kadife, manufactures at its facility of 25.000m2 area located in Bursa, continuously follows the latest technology and develops its machinery park with new weaving, printing and finishing machineries.

In its manufacturing facility, Işık Kadife has a total annual production capacity of 7.000.000m which is categorized as 6.000.000m plain and jacquard upholstery velvet fabrics and carpets; and 1.000.000m chenille and brocade fabrics as final products. The manufacturing process starts with the yarns supplied due to the requirements, and continues with weaving, dying, printing and finishing stages until it reaches its latest form as final product such as velvet, chenille, brocade fabrics and carpet.

The design and production teams of Işık Kadife put special effort to harmonize all the details which contribute to the value of our fine fabrics and carpets, examining every step; yarn to finishing process, design to color. Işık Kadife designs and produces customized collections for varied customers, considering each geographical region and each culture has a different taste and need.

With its special and expertised staff, Işık Kadife always acknowledges the principle of perceiving the real needs of the customers to offer them the right product; and ensures ultimate customer satisfaction with fast and on time delivery along with its superior product quality.

Işık Kadife exports 95% of its production to the North American, West and East European, North African, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Central Asian countries.